Design and production of aluminium die-casting molds



Particolare stampo pressofusione

An accurate working method and the use of the most advanced technologies allow us to be a reliable partner for the design and production of moulds for the aluminium die-casting.

Competence, dialogue and a 60-year experience are at your disposal to build a stable and long-term relationship.

Main areas of application of our moulds

Moulds for automotive sector

Our moulds are currently employed for the production of components commissioned by the main car manufacturers. The design and production of molds for the automotive sector requires a very rigid and punctual process.

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forma_due forma_tre
particolare motore per auto automotive - stampi pressofusione di alluminio
forma_due forma_quattro forma_sei
Stampi pressofusione illuminazione

Moulds for lighting and design sector

The biggest brands in the lighting and design sector are Italian. They are very demanding industries for which we produce molds that will create aluminium components of light bodies (for both indoor and outdoor) and furnishings. They have to be able to satisfy more than one criterion: weight, resistance and aesthetics.

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Moulds for automation sector

We are the right partner to satisfy the requests of this wide and demanding sector. Automation components are supplied worldwide and they are characterized by a high complexity, as they combine both functionality and aesthetics.

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forma_sette forma_otto
particolare di automazione industriale - stampi pressofusione di alluminio

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Realizzazione progetto risparmio energetico, through the expansion of the current photovoltaic system, thanks to the help of the Regione Lombardia and the European Union

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The innovative mood that distinguishes us in every area of our work stimulates us to always improve and innovate. In the past months we have therefore been working on the new website to further improve our online presence.

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