Electro-discharge moulds


Thanks to its electro-discharge department, Pialorsi Stampi can manufacture pieces with a high complexity and with amazing precision. 

Through the processes of wire EDM and sinker EDM, it is possible to offer more advantages besides turning and milling manufacture.

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Elettroerosione stampi pressofusione

The process of electro-discharge uses sequence electric discharges to remove material from the surface of the piece.

It is a technology able to machine extremely hard metals as well, and to realize micro-manufacture.


In our electro-discharge department we have one machine for sinker EDM, one for wire EDM and one milling machine to produce electrodes in graphite or copper.


Wire EDM is a manufacture that consists in cutting with outstanding precision even very complex contours, through an electrified wire. Besides, it allows to work on pieces that have been already heat-treated and thus really hard. In this way it is possible to avoid geometry deformations on the contour due to heat treatment when it is done after manufacture.


Sinker EDM is a non-conventional manufacture process: there is no contact between the tool and the piece during the removal of material. Thus, it is possible to get complex cavities with a high level of detail.

The voltage between the electro-tool and the manufactured piece is such that it allows the ionization of the dielectric fluid in which the two elements are submerged. In this way, the stress due to the direct-contact manufacture is eliminated, and it is possible to maintain the integrity of the piece itself.

The main advantages of the EDM are:

- Manufacture of every type of difficult-to-cut material and of every hardness
- Outstanding precision of the contour with centesimal tolerances
- Reduction of costs and processing times

EDM department equipment

Sinker EDM - Mod. Sodik a 65 CNC - 600x450x350

Wire EDM - Mod. Agie classic 3 - 500x350x260

Bridgeport 1000x750x700